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Welcome back! My new album, ‘East Tennessee’, will be released on May 26th! We’ve had the incredible opportunity to record with some amazing musicians (members of the High Life, Waylon Jennings’ band, Jamey Johnson’s band, Little Big Town’s band, etc.) and are so excited for you to hear the results of our hard work. The official CD release show for Boston will be at Loretta’s Last Call (near Fenway Park) on May 23rd, with a Knoxville show planned for the summer.

In the meantime, please check back for more show dates as we’ll be confirming them over the next few weeks - it’s going to be a busy year. Thanks for stopping by, come back often!



Daniel Miller is a singer-songwriter with a penchant for centering his music on locales that inspire him: “My goal is to take a region that I love and write songs about that place. My focus isn’t on limiting a record to fit into a specific bin on a store shelf; it’s to tell a story. So, while I’ve been labeled an ‘Alt-Country’ or ‘Americana’ artist, I don’t let that influence whatever project I’m working on at the moment.”

Daniel’s upcoming album, East Tennessee (May 2015), has been described as a love letter to the region where he was raised. A mix of original compositions and cover songs by artists he admires, the album is poised to be his most important work. Joining Daniel on the album are members of his touring band (The High Life), as well as Grammy award-winning members of Waylon Jennings’ band and Jamey Johnson’s band, among others.

Daniel’s songs have received rotation on several Country and Americana radio stations across the United States and internationally on BBC 6. He has had the opportunity to open for various national touring acts including: Jamey Johnson, Lukas Nelson, The V-Roys, Sunny Sweeney, and Lady Antebellum; in some of America’s most beloved performance venues.


East Tennessee
East Tennessee
May 2015
Daniel Miller
Self Titled
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Monday, June 1st - Loretta's Last Call - Boston, MA (solo - songwriter night) at 7:30 pm

Sunday, September 20th - Indian Ranch - Webster, MA (full band - opening for Jamey Johnson) at Noon


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For bookings or other inquiries, please contact or visit the Facebook page.